January 21st, 2020

“Juiced” .Mac Service

.Mac Image

On the heels of Barry Bond breaking the all time homer record last night, I thought it was appropriate to blog about my joy for Apple finally “Juicing” the .Mac service. Yes, just like Barry taking steroids, Apple has injected the .Mac service with 10x the store capacity for the same $99/mo cost. I’m not going to go into the details of all the other upgrades because you can read about them at www.mac.com.

I do however want to comment further on this update as it relates to me. As many of you know I am a certified Apple Consultant and have a .Mac account. I moved away from using the iDisk on my .Mac account several months ago because of the lack of storage capacity. Instead I setup a WebDAV with my scheldberg.com Dreamhost hosted domain where I can take advantage of the 240GB of storage I have available. So will 10GB from .Mac and all the integrated iLife apps to take advantage of it make me rethink using my .Mac account? Maybe… I will definitely be getting a copy of iLife ‘08 to check out all the cool new ways to share my photos, videos and design my web site.

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