January 21st, 2020

Upgraded to Treo 700p

First impressions… It’s lighter, the keys are a different shape and some of the keys are in different places. Instead of combining the green button and the phone button they now have two separate buttons. Why? Beats the hell out of me. I don’t think I’ve pressed that button once since I’ve had the phone. One thing I love with the upgraded phone is the upgrade done to Versamail. Now when I sync with Active Directory for work it syncs the contacts as well as email and Calendar! Very, very cool. Now I can keep totally in sync all within Entourage. I love the high speed EVDO network built into the Treo (I have Sprints flavor). It is much faster than the old 1x network.

Other than that I need to play around with it some more. There are a few other minor GUI changes with some of the Treo/Palm apps. Nothing major. Ohhhh… I almost forgot… they have a little application on there called pTunes (I can only assume it stands for Palm Tunes). I just thought it was funny. I transferred a song over using BlueTooth and it sounds pretty good with the new two earbud stereo headset they include.

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