June 24th, 2019

MacBook and Parallels0

Today I received 2-512MB RAM modules to put into the MacBook. I needed to upgrade the standard 512MB (2-256MB) that came with it because Parallels was really having difficulties running with only 256MB allocated to Windows XP and 256MB allocated to Mac OS X. After upgrading the RAM, reinstalling Parallels and installing Windows XP SP2 I was shocked and amazed. I would say that Win XP Pro SP2 performs just as well in Parallels as Win XP Pro SP2 does partioned in Boot Camp. For all of you out there that are used to the lack luster performance of Virtual PC I know this is tough to believe. I don’t know what the folks did over that at Parallels but it is remarkable!! It runs unbelievably well. I see very, very little lag in anything I do in Parallels. It is more than just tollerable like Virtual PC was, this product is actual a real life solution for die hard Mac companies that have the occasional Windows application to run. Awesome, truly awesome.

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