June 24th, 2019

17″ MacBook Pro is here!0

Wow, what a beautiful machine. The $2799 price I think is a little high even with the specs. However, if you were going to use it as a multimedia center at home as well as using it as a computer you might be able to justify the price. It does come with 1GB of RAM, a 120GB hard drive and a 8x Dual layer super drive.

Google Calendar is Here!1

Well, it’s finally here. Google calendar has launched in beta today. As many of my friends know I am on a mission to find the best online calendaring application out there. I hope Google has developed something good. I currently use 30boxes which is going to be tough for me to move away from. I noticed that they did not include the beta of the calendar for my scheldberg.com domain that they are hosting my mail with. I hope they do this soon because I would be ALOT more likely to switch to Google calendar if it were all in one place. Right now I have to login to my old Gmail account which I don’t use anymore in order to use the calendar beta.

IPac on TWIT… A Must Listen0

Geeks, this is something everyone should go check out. IPac is the first geek political action committee. There is a podcast I HIGHLY recommend you check out that is very informative. You can get it by subscribing to TWIT in iTunes or by going to there website and steaming it. You can also just swing over to there website and read up on them. They have already given away 12 iPods to congress men/women in an effort to educate them. They loaded them up with all kinds of goodies that you should check out. It’s quite amazing.

I would love to hear comments from you on this.

Downloadable Movies Are Here?0

OK, I have to blog about this one. What the hell is going on? I open my RSS reader today and tune into the radio and everyone is saying that downloadable movies are now here starting with Brokeback Mountain. Great right? Maybe, I don’t know because when I went to the website which I believe is here, it tells me:

“Sorry, but as of May 2, 2005, Movielink no longer supports Windows 98 and ME operating systems.
Movielink also does not support Mac or Linux.

In order to enjoy the Movielink service, you must use Windows 2000 or XP,
which support certain technologies we utilize for downloading movies.”

LOL, it’s unbelievable to me that in this day and age a service that wants to appeal to as many people as it can would do this. It took me literally 10 minutes of reading articles and surfing the web to even find the link to get to the page. I’m really only guessing that movielink.com is the site because that is off of a Google search. I also read in the articles that the downloadable version of the movies are going to be “comperable” to the actual DVD price. So that basically means they are going to charge more.

So here is my review of this “new” service… Frickin’ retarded. They will fall flat on there faces.

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