June 24th, 2019

Skype Ver for Mac0

Hello World! I remember programming that line in my very first C++ class 10+ years ago. I wonder if they still do that? Anyway, I’m back! It’s been quite some time since I have posted to my blog and I apologize to all those who care. So you are asking yourself what epic application or event has happened to wake Scottie from his deep sleep? Skype Ver for Mac which was released October 23rd. One word UnFuckenReal! I have been playing with the beta version of Skype with video for Mac since it was released. I loved it and it brings me great joy that Skype has released it’s first none beta version of Skype with video for Mac. So how is the video in this version? One word, UnFuckenBelieveable! I’ve been a big fan of iChat for many years and Apple is the pioneer for video chatting through an IM client. Skype just happened to do it better. The biggest gripe I have with iChat is it always seems like there’s something wrong with the firewall or settings somewhere that prevents the video from coming through. I have NEVER had a problem connecting with Skype video. And how is the audio you ask? One word, you guessed it, so I’m not going to say it again. I’ve also tested the quality of the audio and video between a Mac and a PC. There is no difference. The audio and video are great.

Bottom line people if you’ve ever wanted to get into the video chatting arena now is the time. I’ve tested all the other services such as AOL, Windows Live and Yahoo and they all are TERRIBLE. They don’t even come close to the ease of use and quality that skype has. Head over to www.skype.com and get yourself a copy. Thanks Tim Eian for skyping with me this evening and sparking me to write this post.

MacBook and Parallels0

Today I received 2-512MB RAM modules to put into the MacBook. I needed to upgrade the standard 512MB (2-256MB) that came with it because Parallels was really having difficulties running with only 256MB allocated to Windows XP and 256MB allocated to Mac OS X. After upgrading the RAM, reinstalling Parallels and installing Windows XP SP2 I was shocked and amazed. I would say that Win XP Pro SP2 performs just as well in Parallels as Win XP Pro SP2 does partioned in Boot Camp. For all of you out there that are used to the lack luster performance of Virtual PC I know this is tough to believe. I don’t know what the folks did over that at Parallels but it is remarkable!! It runs unbelievably well. I see very, very little lag in anything I do in Parallels. It is more than just tollerable like Virtual PC was, this product is actual a real life solution for die hard Mac companies that have the occasional Windows application to run. Awesome, truly awesome.

Sidenote Review0

I’m sure we all have our apps that we use everyday. For some it might be MS Word and for others it may be Photoshop. For me the one app I use on a daily basis is sidenote. I discovered this app while reading a copy MacWorld magazine a while back. This is a wonderful application which acts as an easy way to capture notes is a side drawer type interface. You can set sidenote up anywhere on the left or right of your screen. When you move your cursor over to that spot on the edge of your screen, sidenote slides out. It has a very easy Mac-like interface with simple buttons on the top to add new notes, save notes and edit fonts and styles. You can color the background of the note, print it or export it to rich text to open in a word processor.

Senuti -App you must have0

It’s not just iTunes spelled backwards, it’s a great application. Props to my friend Ryan for showing me this. This little beauty allows you to retrieve songs from your iPod in a very “iTunes-like” GUI. When you use this application with your iPod it will show you a nice list of everything on your iPod and allow you to copy them back into iTunes. This is very useful because Apple does not build this functionality into the iPod and iTunes. Why is this useful? Here’s an example. My buddies hard drive died on his G4 PowerMac and he didn’t have his iTunes library backed up. He used Senuti to quickly rebuild his iTunes library saving him all the time in RIPing his CD’s back into iTunes. It also allowed him to bring back all the songs he purchased in the iTunes Music Store. Apple also does not allow you to re-download the songs you purchase. You can read more about this application and download it here.

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