June 24th, 2019



I just discovered this site today and thought it was cool enough to share. It’s called www.chipin.com. The site allows you to quickly and easily setup a fundraiser to collect money. When you sign up you give them your paypal email address and they deposit all funds into your paypal account. How cool is that? Then the site acts like a little blog with comments while you are funsraising and it shows you a little progress bar for how much money you have raised.

If you are raising money for a cause you believe in, make sure to check out www.chipin.com.

Make GoogleMail your Webmail App Using a DIFFERENT account then gmail4

Okay, so as you know I just registered a new domain and have a new email account which I hope to use for everything(scottie@scheldberg.com). I am hosting all my domains through DreamHost which includes Squirrel Mail (Email for nuts!) as there webmail application. So I got to thinkin’… dangerous I know… what if I could use GoogleMail’s web application to completely manage my emails?

Now you are probably thinking, sure you can you just setup a forward from scheldberg.com over to your Gmail account and you’re done. Right? Well sort of. If you do it that way then when you respond to people or create new messages they are still coming from the Gmail account address. There is a way to setup GoogleMail where not only will it obviously accept the forwarding of your mail from different accounts, but it will allow you to add a different email account and set that account as the default email account! Very cool… why? Because now no matter where the message is coming from, for example I have my .Mac and my scheldberg.com mail forwarding to my Gmail account, when I reply-to or create a new message in GoogleMail it will send it as if it where coming from my scottie@scheldberg.com.

There are a few steps you need to take to accomplish this. It took me 45 minutes of testing options to get it exactly right so I thought I would share it. Probably would have been easiest to just look at Google’s help which tells you how to do it. :)

“I’m just livin’ the dream!” - Chaz, Wedding Crashers

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