September 23rd, 2019

Addiction and Success1

Twitters 128 character limit wasn’t going to be enough for this one…

Today for the month of August I logged my 100th mile. This was accomplished over 20 runs during the month… What’s the significance you ask…

May 16th I went to the Dr. against my will for an appointment my Fiancé setup to get my blood pressure checked. It has been high since about Thanksgiving so eventually I gave her my doctors information and she, being the wonderful woman she is, set the appointment up. My blood pressure at the time was 185/145. Not good. I weighed in at about 240 lbs on a good day. He put me on medication. At that point in my life, I was determined to change my diet and start to exercise.

From May 16th through June 30th I focused on my diet. For those that know me, there are two funny and accurate jokes around my eating. My buddy from High School Shawn  always used to say you need to set two limits on Scheldberg around food. Either a quantity limit or a time limit. The other one is a quote and it goes “I got a weight problem can’t wait to eat!”. I can put it away. This is a guy that in high school put away 24 cheeseburgers. Buffets fear me. I truly realized, finally after 33 years that I have an addiction to food. All food. So for me in the beginning it was about 4 things:

1. Portion size
2. Track calories and sugar
3. Drink water
4. Eat Breakfast

So that’s what I did and have continued to do from May 16th to now.

June 30th, my buddy Tim and I went for a run at Highland Park in Bloomington. I went 2.5 miles in 31 minutes. I sucked. It was 100+ degrees, I wanted to quit. My feet hurt, my head hurt, my legs hurt, everything hurt. But I guess it had to start somewhere. Without Tim getting me out for my first run, I don’t know how successful I would have been over the last 2.5 month. I could have used the heat as an excuse as I have had many of them over the past 13 years… but I didn’t. In July I logged 14 runs totaling about 55 miles. Lots of small runs and runs that were not at rock star pace. But I was doing it and more importantly I was sticking with it.

Aug 1 through today… I’ve lost 40 lbs, my blood pressure is now normal or slightly below without medication and just today as I mentioned above I logged my 100th mile in just one month. I’m not going to lie to you, after I stopped my Google Tracks app on my phone I walked down the street and cried. I don’t know exactly what set me off… joy, sense of accomplishment, fatigue… the tears just starting flowing. For the first time in 13 years I did not quit a diet and exercise program that I started. I did it.

Reasons for Success, there are 4.

1. Technology and Social Networking
I work with numbers for a living. Love em. I live in Excel and BI analytical tools. I knew I wouldn’t stick with exercise if I couldn’t track my runs. Google Tracks on my HTC EVO phone has allowed me to use GPS to log all my runs. Google Docs and Maps have allow me to upload all runs to a spreadsheet for analysis and to Maps to plot my exact courses. Twitter. Love the Twitter. Many people use it for many different reasons. My buddy Damon would randomly post runs on Twitter and I thought to myself, I’m going post some runs. Then my other buddies Joel, Greg and Ryan started posting their runs and all of a sudden we had motivation and support from one another to continue to bang out the runs. One of us would see a 5 mile run posted and we would think to ourselves, “shit, I gots to go 6 miles now!”.. and we did. What a powerful way to exercise and stay motivated.

2. Support of Friends
I have the greatest friends on the planet. I called two of them right away when I knew I was going to start eating better and exercising. That be Damon Bilitz and Ryan Payne. Damon talked to me for about 30 minutes regarding nutrition, what to eat, what not to eat, what meals not to skip, how to run, where to run, etc. Ryan, same deal. These are two guys that have succeeded in their lives to be fit and I knew whatever knowledge I could gain from them would be invaluable. I’m not going to list the rest of the crew or other friends because I don’t want to miss anyone, but just know that you ALL contributed even if you didn’t realize it.

3. My Kids
I won’t allow my food addiction and laziness increase their chances of not having me around. I’m gonna be here, for a long, long time.

4. My Wonderful Fiancé
Where to start with this one… without the loving support of my fiancé I’d still be over weight, unhappy and closer to death with my blood pressure. She scheduled my appointment for me. It must have been extremely uncomfortable to do that. “Ummm, yeah, hi, my boyfriend has high blood pressure and I need to set an appointment for him.” Wowee. I bet she thinks I’m the biggest dork in the world with all this running. Even so, she’s still supported me. Even something little like one morning laying in bed and her saying, “Aren’t you going running?” motivated me. She asks me periodically about my runs and listens to me talk on and on about them. She must get sick of me but her kind heart and ability to listen to me are 2 reasons I love her so much. She loves to bake. Mmmm, she can bake some good shiz. When I started my journey she stopped baking. She started buying oatmeal for me to eat at breakfast, fruits and veggies to snack on and would spend Sunday nights cooking a big as pot of healthy goodness for me to take for lunches at work. God, I love this woman. Baby, Thank you, THANK YOU for being my rock. I love you.

This is not an ending to my journey, only a brief pause to acknowledge a milestone. There is still work to be done ahead and I know I will succeed. Love you all!

It’s Comcastic! Sort of…1

I feel like I should re-introduce myself to the world. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had something I wanted to share. Maybe that is a good thing considering I like to share all the bad things that happen. Must mean things, technology wise, must been going pretty well.

I wanted to write about high speed interent. Like most of you I have high speed internet at my house. I go through the cable company to get my internet so that means the world of Comcast. For the last few months I have been having all kinds of trouble with my internet randomly loosing connection. Thinking it was my Airport Extreme, I swapped my main Extreme I had supplying the wireless mojo with the one I had in the basement which was relaying the mojo to my eBox 360 through the ethernet port. I also thought it was time to secure my network at home with WPA2 encryption so I spent an hour reconfiguring the replacement Airport, 2 airport expresses and 1 additional airport extreme that is giving mojo through it’s ethernet port to my girlfriends sons Mac Mini.

Result… the Internet still dropped. So… I set out to find another reason. I noticed that when I downloaded large files, mostly torrents, that all of a sudden the DL speed would go to zero and then restart again after several minutes. Odd… Then sometimes it would never resume. So I went out to check my modem and the light indicator for having data from the cable was blinking. So I reset the modem and all was well. That made me curious. So I sat by my modem as I fired up Transmission to get my torrents and I noticed that the modem itself was resetting! What! That’s crap.

So I IM’d tech support and to make a long story short he setup a tech to come out on Friday. Last Friday. They didn’t show. So I called Comcast Wednesday and I explained to the guy what was happening and he said “Haven’t you been reading the paper?” I hesitated for a moment wondering what the hell that has to do with anything. I told him no since I don’t read the paper and he said told me that because of where I live our service has been updated for free to a 12 meg service. The modem that I have is two years old and the reason it’s resetting is that the modem doesn’t support the software update that Comcast is trying to push out to it so it’s resetting. Bring your box in and we’ll swap it out and you’ll be good to go… or will I???

I got the new modem home and after a quick call to Comcast it was up and running. I’m now enjoying the love of 12 meg speed. But would it fix my problem. Answer.. NO! Anger has now set it. Then I remembered that the guy on the phone who helped me activate my new modem somehow determined using their remote tools that I had a bad splitter in my house which would cause my service to go out periodically. The only splitter in the house was in the basement splitting the service to the TV down their and what I later found out to be a phantom line going outside. So I disconnected the splitter and ran the line that was coming in directly to the outlet that was feeding the TV. By-by splitter. I’m thinking to myself there is no way this is going to work because the coax that the splitter was on wasn’t even the line supplying the Internet cable. But sure hell, presto, I ran Transmission all night and my service did not disconnect all night.

Summation… so all along I just had a bad $4 splitter on my cable network that was screwing everything up. I didn’t even know that something like that could screw up an internet modem. My guess is that I really didn’t need to replace my modem at all. Now granted, I would not enjoy the new 12 meg speed without it, but at least I could have avoided the headaches over the past several months with internet randomly going down.

That’s it people. It didn’t dawn on my to check all the pieces of my cable “network” just like I would a computer network if something wasn’t working. I hope this post will find others struggling with their service disconnecting on them.



I just discovered this site today and thought it was cool enough to share. It’s called The site allows you to quickly and easily setup a fundraiser to collect money. When you sign up you give them your paypal email address and they deposit all funds into your paypal account. How cool is that? Then the site acts like a little blog with comments while you are funsraising and it shows you a little progress bar for how much money you have raised.

If you are raising money for a cause you believe in, make sure to check out

Flip Frickin’ Video0

       Flip Video

Ok… this is possibly the most fun gadget I’ve ever owned. It rivals the iPod Touch. I’ve written a detailed review over at the The Geek Gather website which you can find here:

Geek Gather: Flip Frickin’ Video


“Juiced” .Mac Service0

.Mac Image

On the heels of Barry Bond breaking the all time homer record last night, I thought it was appropriate to blog about my joy for Apple finally “Juicing” the .Mac service. Yes, just like Barry taking steroids, Apple has injected the .Mac service with 10x the store capacity for the same $99/mo cost. I’m not going to go into the details of all the other upgrades because you can read about them at

I do however want to comment further on this update as it relates to me. As many of you know I am a certified Apple Consultant and have a .Mac account. I moved away from using the iDisk on my .Mac account several months ago because of the lack of storage capacity. Instead I setup a WebDAV with my Dreamhost hosted domain where I can take advantage of the 240GB of storage I have available. So will 10GB from .Mac and all the integrated iLife apps to take advantage of it make me rethink using my .Mac account? Maybe… I will definitely be getting a copy of iLife ‘08 to check out all the cool new ways to share my photos, videos and design my web site.

Yugma Free Web Conferencing2

If anyone is looking for a cross-platform web conferencing tool this is your answer. This tool will work with PCs and Macs as well as with any web browser. It’s JAVA based and is the easiest conferencing setup I have run across on the internet. I’ve looked at them all from Adobe Connect to WebEx to Microsoft LiveMeeting and none of those products have the cross-platform ease of use as Yugma. And the kicker is that it’s FREE to use!!

Now lets not get to carried away. There are some features of Yugma that you have to pay for. Here is a list of what’s included in the free version vs. the paid version. The free version allows you to:

  • Have up to 10 attendees to your meeting
  • Ability to share your desktop
  • Audio Teleconferencing (they have a long distance number you can call and you enter your meeting ID to have a conference call)
  • Use of Annotations and Whiteboard
  • Ability to change presenters
  • The use of public chatting within a session
  • Customer support VIA the FAQ’s and Forum online

The paid service which comes in flavors of 10 ($9.95/mo), 20 ($29.95/mo) and 50 ($99.95/mo) attendees per meeting has all these features plus:

  • 100MB of file storage for document collaboration
  • The ability to share your keyboard and mouse controls with other attendees
  • Ability to sign-in to there web page and schedule a meeting in advance (this allows you to send out the meeting information to attendees before the meeting actually starts)
  • Ability to record a session for future playback
  • Customer support VIA web and phone

Give this product a try. I love the easy at which you can host and attend a meeting and the simplicity of the tool. If you have tried other web conferencing tools you will notice this right away. Let me know what you think. If you would like a free trial period of the paid product please let me know. I can get you setup as I am a customer of Yugma.

Skype Ver for Mac0

Hello World! I remember programming that line in my very first C++ class 10+ years ago. I wonder if they still do that? Anyway, I’m back! It’s been quite some time since I have posted to my blog and I apologize to all those who care. So you are asking yourself what epic application or event has happened to wake Scottie from his deep sleep? Skype Ver for Mac which was released October 23rd. One word UnFuckenReal! I have been playing with the beta version of Skype with video for Mac since it was released. I loved it and it brings me great joy that Skype has released it’s first none beta version of Skype with video for Mac. So how is the video in this version? One word, UnFuckenBelieveable! I’ve been a big fan of iChat for many years and Apple is the pioneer for video chatting through an IM client. Skype just happened to do it better. The biggest gripe I have with iChat is it always seems like there’s something wrong with the firewall or settings somewhere that prevents the video from coming through. I have NEVER had a problem connecting with Skype video. And how is the audio you ask? One word, you guessed it, so I’m not going to say it again. I’ve also tested the quality of the audio and video between a Mac and a PC. There is no difference. The audio and video are great.

Bottom line people if you’ve ever wanted to get into the video chatting arena now is the time. I’ve tested all the other services such as AOL, Windows Live and Yahoo and they all are TERRIBLE. They don’t even come close to the ease of use and quality that skype has. Head over to and get yourself a copy. Thanks Tim Eian for skyping with me this evening and sparking me to write this post.

Upgraded to Treo 700p0

First impressions… It’s lighter, the keys are a different shape and some of the keys are in different places. Instead of combining the green button and the phone button they now have two separate buttons. Why? Beats the hell out of me. I don’t think I’ve pressed that button once since I’ve had the phone. One thing I love with the upgraded phone is the upgrade done to Versamail. Now when I sync with Active Directory for work it syncs the contacts as well as email and Calendar! Very, very cool. Now I can keep totally in sync all within Entourage. I love the high speed EVDO network built into the Treo (I have Sprints flavor). It is much faster than the old 1x network.

Other than that I need to play around with it some more. There are a few other minor GUI changes with some of the Treo/Palm apps. Nothing major. Ohhhh… I almost forgot… they have a little application on there called pTunes (I can only assume it stands for Palm Tunes). I just thought it was funny. I transferred a song over using BlueTooth and it sounds pretty good with the new two earbud stereo headset they include.

Pandora - Free Streaming Music3

A friend at work just showed me this today. Crazy! Go check it out. Beautful interface.

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FPS Doug0

I searched and didn’t see this video on digg. It’s a classic, I laugh my butt off every time I watch this. “Sometimes I think about joining the Army, it’s basically like FPS except with better graphics.” This is my first submitted item so I needed to blog it.

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